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You name it, we’ve made a sign for it!

Plastic Letters & Signs was formed by Stuart Leon in 1974 when the business comprised of manually die-cutting individual letters and selling them as kits, predominantly by mail-order. We offered a choice of 8 colours, 12 sizes and 15 different fonts. At the time, this was the literal “cutting edge” of technology. We advertised in over 40 Yellow Pages, and served customers all over the country and even the Highlands and Islands .

Everything changed with computerisation and the invention of the plotter cutter. Before long, much like thousands of other traditional sign companies and signwriters, we invested in the new digital technology and began making signs for shop fronts, vans, commercial and residential premises. You name it, we’ve made a sign for it.

Our experienced and talented team has always formed the backbone of the business. We pride ourselves on providing a quality personal service to customers and friends, some of whom have been using us for signs and printing for over 30 years.

The business has always been small and successful, maintaining a perfect balance of customer care and productivity. We’ve managed to not grow so big as to lose sight of our values, nor be too small to offer our full commitment to each order.

The world has been through a lot since 1975, but we at Sussex Sign Centre are very proud to have maintained a constant presence offering the same assured quality, reliability and stability, even during 3 recessions and a global pandemic to boot.

I look forward to the next 49 years and celebrating my 121st birthday ‘in harness’.

Stuart Leon

Established 1974 Logo

We are an independent company based in Burgess Hill trading under the same ownership for over 45 years

Our experience and dedication to providing the best service make us your number one choice for any sign or print project.

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